Maria Salouvardou | Installation Performance 13 May 2022 | Ewa Frauenzentrum | Berlin

A visual universe, where objects that are considered trash are sewn with wires and threads and gradually take the form of a costume. They become symbols of a lost dream, a ruined land, a perpetual consumption in a world that is becoming more and more wild, more and more barbaric. At the center of this universe stands the Priestess.

TS Eliot's poem "Hollow Men" is the mantra of the Priestess of the Temple as a plea to the World and asks to be heard before it is too late,.. Garbage embroidery becomes a Ritual, honoring the earth by dressing her with a royal costume made from all that the people have thrown away...


_TRASH: They are sewn up and repurposed in the space
_COSTUME: Symbolizes the DEAD LAND.
_Priestess: She sews up the remnants of modern civilization, presenting the evolution of the Earth and predicting its fatefull short end.

Concept and Performance:Maria Salouvardou

Music: Anthony Palaskas