The Hero

Sofia Mavragani | Fingersix

Season 2015-2016 | Porta Theatre

A solo performance based on the concept of the Hero, not only as a historical figure but also as the outcome of human intellect.

Are heroes a figment of the imagination or do they reflect the society from which they originate? This dilemma lays the foundation for the case studies that Sofia focuses on, using paradigms of mythological heroes, comic book heroes as well as super-heroes.

On a mocking and playful tone, Sofia flirts with the provocative charm of the idea of the heroic bringing a polymorphic hybrid of a hero to the stage; a narrative with its own merit that attempts to elucidate the inexplicable.

The concept of "playing" lies at the very heart of Sofia Mavragani’s work. In her previous works, as well as in The Hero, she creates and organizes the performance material based on gaming strategies, with great emphasis being placed on humour. She explores the concept of performance identity, while at the same time experiments with the performance’s constituent elements and their boundaries by tampering with their defining conditions or even by introducing unpredictable variants.

"Whether it's Odysseus, or Hercules, or Beowulf, or Superman, it all pretty much comes to the same thing. It's great warriors battling the demons and dragons of their day." Michael Uslan

Concept-Creation: Sofia Mavragani

Music: Anthony Palaskas

Performed by: Nondas Damopoulos

Dramaturgical Consultant: Miranda Manasiadis

Costumes-Set: Paul Thanopoulos

Lighting: Vasilis Klotsotiras

Communication: Giorgos Katsonis