Ioanna Portolou | Griffon Dance Company 15-17 June 2017 Hellenic Festival 20 September 2017 | LOFFT - Das Theater | Leipsig

We need tension. We need others to both urge us forward and put us at rest. We need to communicate with the world at large through a host of identities. We want to be moved as much as possible. We are prepared to lose everything in return for the inconceivable: to live at the limits.

“Pornography” became an established term during the Victorian era. At the time, there was a boom in pornography depicting highly interesting and stylized erotic scenes. The world of porn is elusive, artificial, excessive, fragile and demanding. It is, by turns, dreamy and scary, furtive and dangerous, forbidden and secret. Porn is experienced at a moment of sanctity and celebration, on the brink of disaster; a moment when prohibitions are lifted, the system is abolished, even the very concept of self is negated.

In Porn, Griffón Dance Company concludes a trilogy that began back in 2014. Interrogating the concept and functions of personal and social boundaries, and what it means to cross the line, this production is conceived as a palimpsest of ever-changing images, revolving around a pair of performers.

Georgia Touliatou

Choreography - Research: Ioanna Portolou

Music: Anthony Palaskas

Dancers: Giannis Nikolaidis, Cesil Mikroutsikou

Lighting design: Tasos Palaioroutas

Costume and set design: Ioanna Tsami

Photos: Myrto Apostolidou  


Athens & Epidaurus Festival - Griffon Dance Company