Sofia Mavragani | Fingersix

4-5 July 2016 | Athens Festival

18 Feb 2017 | Megaron Music Hall

“Swell” describes a silent wave, which is to say a wave that isn’t justified by the prevailing weather conditions, owing its existence instead to winds from earlier or elsewhere. Everything we experience has its causes in the past, and what we do in the present will affect the future.

The work embroils three dancers in an ever-shifting choreography that subverts both causality and time. The swell is used to create a poetic allegory to set against the strains and stresses of contemporary life within a framework of free associations and imagined challenges. Sofia Mavragani continues her research into the identity of the performative action and, together with Betty Dramisioti, creates a production which places the possibility of movement and physical expressiveness within an ongoing game that never stops surprising.

Concept: Sofia Mavragani, Betty Dramisioti

Creation-Composition: Sofia Mavragani

Performers Nondas Damopoulos, Hara Kotsali, Sania Stribakou

Artistic Associate: Betty Dramisioti

Music: Anthony Palaskas

Dramaturgical Consultant: Miranda Manasiadi

Costumes-Set: Pavlos Thanopoulos

Lighting: Vasilis Klotsotiras

Production co-ordination- Communication: Giorgos Katsonis